Home Addition Design

Adding on to the available space that you have is often a better option than selling your home and finding a bigger house.

Home Addition PlansWith home additions, you can choose to add on horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of your home and your lot.

A home addition can be used to simply enlarge a room which is small, or you can add an entire floor to your home to greatly increase the existing room and space. The room added can be outside your home such as a porch or deck or inside your home such as enlarging a master bathroom and taking out a closet.

Home Additions Price Points

Home addition pricing can vary, and will depend on a number of circumstances. The County that your home is located is a huge factor because many counties have higher permit costs than others.

It  is almost always less expensive to build a home addition than it would be to move.  Homeowners can choose to use Elmech Industrial Services to provide a free no obligation home addition plan consultation  to add on to their existing home rather than going through the hassles of moving into a new home.

Some of the many ways that home addition plans can expand your available space include:

  • Building a new Deck

  • Porches

  • Elmech Sunrooms

  • Enlarging an existing room

  • Additions

  • The addition of second floor

Contact Elmech Industrial Services for a free no obligation consultation for pricing for your addition.  410-530-5364