Foundation Problems

A foundation consists of the parts of a structure that provides continuous support and distributes even weight of the substructure and any other loads acting on it down to the underlying rock and soil. Design and how a structure is built relies mostly on its weight and also the varying characteristics, its interaction of the structure and any underlying rock or soil.  Commonly, structures can be characterized into one of two categories: shallow and deep foundations. The most invasive condition which causes damage to foundations and structures are settlement, expansive soil, lateral movement, and also deterioration.

While there is not an actual code in the United States which gives specific information on the acceptable movement of a foundation, there is large amount of data on the topic. The allowable differential and total settlement  of a structure depend on its flexibility and complexity, including how its construction materials and connections, their functions and their age.  These functions include:

  • Types of construction
  • Structure usage
  • Presence of sensitive finishes
  • The rigidness of structure